Saturday, April 20, 2013

Words and Phrases

Everyone has specific phrases or words in their vocabulary. Now before you get all huffy and storm off, thinking that I'm going to be writing a vocab or grammar post, don't flip your lid.  All I'm talking about is the different slang people use.  I have friends from up north who use 'wicked' all the time, and my BIL from Kansas calls soda 'pop', which is weird to me, since soda is coke.  But anyways.  I've found that most people are greatly amused by the words and phrases I use on a daily basis.  So much in fact, that they sometimes adopt them!  For example, I have a bad (sort of) habit of after someone says something, I say "You're something!"  Like if someone said "Mmm I love cake." I'd say "YOU'RE cake."  It's childish and dumb, but I find it funny.  Apparently, I've said it so much around my aunt that now she says it!  She in fact said it in the car on Saturday and then said "Dang it Ashley! Now you have me doing it!"  To which I just laughed and laughed.  I also say "Awesome" quite a lot, and when my former roommates hear it, they always think of me.  But what really makes me laugh (and is sometimes really embarrassing) is that I pick up words from stuff I do a lot.  Now that I've been watching a lot of British TV, I find myself using British slang. Just now, I almost typed 'telly' rather than TV.  I also say bloody sometimes, and I say 'rubbish' quite a bit.  I also bring back old words, like 'dandy' and 'neat'.  It's weird, but fun!  Mainly because it amuses me and others around me.  What words and phrases do you find yourself using a lot?  Are they unique to your part of the world, or is it diverse?

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