Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Poppa!

Let's talk a minute about dads.  There are some dads who play lots of sports, and watch whatever sport is in season.  Not my dad.  There are dads who come home and read the Wall Street Journal with a fancy martini.  Not my dad.  There are good dads and bad dads, dads who talk a lot and dads who don't talk at all, tough dads and sappy dads, military dads and hippy dads.  My dad, my Pops, my Baba, he's not really any of those things.  What my dad is is amazing.  He works so hard every day to provide for my mom and for us kids, and he never complains, he never whines.  He just does what needs to be done.  Then he comes home, and he relaxes by watching whatever happens to be on TV when he turns it on.  If it's something really dumb, he'll see if he can find a John Wayne movie.  On the weekends, you can usually find him doing some sort of carpentry or house project.  He's quiet, funny, dry, handsome, and the best daddy a girl could ask for.  I'm so lucky to have him!!  Happy birthday Poppa, I love you!!

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