Monday, April 29, 2013

Got the Giggles

A couple of weekends ago, at our family ladies' weekend, my cousins and I were sitting around, just talking and chatting when suddenly (well not really suddenly, but you know what I mean), we got the meanest case of the giggles ever.  It started as usual with someone saying something that was punny (a pun that is funny) or slightly funny, and escalated until we were laughing so hard we were crying and holding our sides.  That is one of my favorite things, getting the giggles like that.  Something silly will strike you, and you just laugh and laugh and laugh until you just can't laugh anymore.  Then you'll try to stop laughing because it hurts so much, and someone will say something else that will set you off again.  It's really awesome when something someone says strikes ONLY you as hilarious, and so you're laughing hysterically with people staring at you like you're nuts, and you're trying to explain what's so funny, but you can't because you're laughing so hard, and on it goes until you're laughed out or until they start laughing with you, because laughing, like yawning, is contagious.  At least the way I laugh is, or so I'm told.  My little cousin's laugh is contagious as well.  He'll laugh at something with his high pitched giggle, and it'll strike him as so funny that he just can't stop.  His little face just breaks up and I can't help but laugh back, which makes him laugh harder until we're just collapsed on the floor in a fit of giggles.  Then his little brother will come over with a curious look on his face, and it'll set us off again.  Oh laughing.  It makes me so very happy.  As does this video of David Tennant and Billie Piper cracking up on the set of Doctor Who.  Talk about contagious laughter!!  I hope your day is full of laughter today!

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