Monday, April 15, 2013

A Letter

Dear You,

You keep popping up.  Your brother texted me the other day, and he began our conversation the way you always did.  Then, you came up in my dream on Saturday night.  Everyone was at your funeral and then you were there.  You looked really good too, with short hair, in a black pinstriped three piece suit with a red tie.  I was the only one who could see you.  And you just stood behind your brother from across the room, and you stared at me and smiled. Then you disappeared.  Is that what you're wearing in heaven?  I bet it is.  You always did like your suits.  Crazy boy.  Then our song came on my Pandora on Sunday.  Do you know how ridiculously happy I am that Come On Eileen is our song?  It is SO RIDICULOUS.  Today is also the 15th, 7 months.  My two calendars are matching at the moment, both showing a big ol' 1-5.  I guess what I just wanted to say is that even though it's been more than half a year, I still think about you, and I still miss you every day.
Love, Me   

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