Friday, April 5, 2013


It seems ridiculous, me writing a post on responsibility because I am not very good on that front. Oh don't get me wrong, I get to work on time every morning, and I've never run out of gas, or food for that matter.  But bills are not always paid on time (though they do get paid), and little things like getting my oil changed  and checkups seem to slip away from me until the very last second.  But growing up, my parents were very pro-responsibility.  We each had chores to do and we each had things that had to happen.  When we went off to college, even though three out of the six of us went to school where family members lived, we lived on campus or in apartments in later years and had jobs where we earned our keep.  Sure our parents paid tuition and some small bills (car insurance, car, phone) but the day to day stuff we were required to take care of ourselves.  When we graduated, we were expected to get jobs and take care of ourselves like adults.  My older sisters both had their own apartments and steady jobs for at least two years before they got married, though one of them was engaged for most of that time.  What's my point here?

My point is that a friend of mine's fiancee is living with her parents (which is totally fine, trust me, I know), and she's not going to leave until they're married in a year or so.  I totally understand the whole living with your parents, saving money thing.  Trust me, I totally get it.  I lived for three years with my aunt, with minimal rent and no bills.  It's a sweet gig.  BUT as someone who has been taught responsibility her whole life, it surprises me to think that this woman is going to go from her parents' house where presumably she has no bills, no major responsibilities besides work, and people taking care of her to a home with her husband, where she will become responsible for not only her own life, but the well-being and comfort on some part of her husband.  Maybe it's just me, but that would scare the freaking crap out of me.  I would personally want the experience of handling bills on my own, and knowing what to do when the oven won't light or the washing machine goes insane without having my daddy come fix it for me.  I want to know that on my own I can take care of my business before I combine that business with someone else's.  I know people have done it for years and years and it works out.  I know it does.  It just makes me a little nervous for them is all.  What do you think about responsibility?  Is it better to have some kind of learning curve?

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