Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday Night at My House

It struck me today that I'm different than a lot of people.  I know, super surprising there right?  But every once in a while it sticks out.  Take tonight for example.  I know lots of people who are out on this beautiful April night, drinking, carousing and just having a grand old time.  Don't get me wrong.  I enjoy that on occasion.  It's nice to get out in the world with friends and just have a good time.  But that's not really a normal occurrence for me.  Shall I describe my normal Saturday night for you?  

Well depending on what I did that day,  I may make dinner for myself and then curl up on the couch to watch a movie or TV.  Or on nights like tonight, where the day has just gone fast and it didn't really get what I want done,  I run myself a nice warm bubble bath, I turn on some Michael Buble, and I read.  I did take a break between getting out of the tub and now to pick up my room and try on some outfit choices for my new skirt, but after that,  I stretched out on my bed (toward the light) and read a new book.  I didn't even have a beer or anything.  Just me, my music and my book.  And I must say, I utterly enjoy it.  Maybe I'm a hermit.  Who knows!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Crushes We Don't Like To Talk About

Hi guys.  While I am getting ready to start my new job on Monday (EEEK), I also am doing other things.  Like developing crushes on celebrities that well are slightly not who I probably should be crushing on.  I mean I'm almost thirty.  I should be crushing on older sophisticated gentlemen of the celebrity elk, you know like Benedict Cumberbatch (swoon) and Tom Hiddleston (*insert girlish giggle here*) and of course Josh Groban (future husband right there).  And don't get me wrong. I crush majorly on them. Especially Ben.  I can't see a picture of him without giggling (no really it's a problem.  I can only imagine the embarrassment I would cause myself if I ever met him in real life.) (same with Josh actually).  But there's also another group of crushes I've got going on.  They're the younger ones, the less classy ones, the ones that you don't really like to admit you love because it's a little weird and out of your type, but really you do.  Here I'll give you an example.

Miles Teller

You may be going "wait who?  I've never heard of this guy."  Well, allow me to introduce you.  Readers, Miles. Miles, Readers.  Miles most recently played the douchebag high school kid Shailene Woodley falls for in "The Spectacular Now".  I most recently saw him play the drunk loser type in "21 and Over" with Skylar Austin.  When I started watching it, I was really in it for Skylar (hello Pitch Perfect anyone?).  But Miles won me over from the second I started watching it and by the end of the movie, I was smitten.  I just wanted to give him a huge gigantic hug.  He also stars in the new movie "That Awkward Moment" with Zac Efron (another of my secret crushes) and Michael B. Jordon.  I can't wait to see it, and that makes me just a little ashamed.  Though he's not that much younger.  I mean he's 26 which isn't bad.  But still.  I feel like I should be past the squishy crushes.  Aw who am I kidding?  I love the squishy ones!

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Art of "I Told You So"

You know the super fun thing that happens when things happen the way someone has told you it would or when you recognize something others have pointed out to you?  You know what I'm talking about, the "I told you so".  I recently have had a situation where something that apparently EVERYONE knows about me was finally recognized by myself.  And I noticed something.  There are several methods of "I told you so".

- The subtle "I told you so":
         This one is easily disguised as interest or curiosity.  The person is just proud that you figured it out finally that she doesn't care about lording over that she knows you better than you know yourself.  My friend Allyson is the queen of the subtle I told you so.

-The sarcastic "I told you so":
       This is the one I usually go to.  It's the "get out of town" or the "no way Jose" when someone shares their revelation.  It's a little rude, and a little funny.  Which is the way I like to roll.

-The laughing "I told you so":
       This one is one of my favorites.  It's the moment when you're so amazed at your calling of the situation or feelings that you can't help but erupt into crazy laughter.  Sometimes it's a short abrasive laugh, sometimes it's a chuckle and the shake of the head.  But my favorite is the long burst of laughter where you just can't stop laughing because you're so freaking awesome at calling things.

And finally

-The in your face "I told you so":
       This one. Oh this one.  It sometimes is super annoying or super hilarious, depending on the person.  I've seen it in several capacities.  It comes in a dance, it comes in a finger pointing in your face, it comes in the utter lording over of the other person.  And while the others tend to end, this one, well it can last.  It can last and last and last and last.  And when you think it's finally gone, it pops up in random situations.  Usually when you're ignoring the other person's observations or opinions.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Good News!!

So remember those big changes I told you were on the horizon?  The ones I insinuated were way far away and I wouldn't know about them for a while?   Let me just give you a minute to laugh at how silly I am for trying to plan other people's intentions.  You good? Okay me too!  Here it is:

On Monday, I went in for a job interview.  On Tuesday, they called and offered me the job.  I accepted right away, and now I have two weeks left at my current job and I start at my new job February 3rd.  It's something completely different for me, though still in the same overall field, and I'm so excited to try something new.  Like so excited that I want it to start now, rather than in two weeks and two days.  I'm ready to jump feet first into this new experience, and have it not be so new anymore.  I feel like I've been talking about it for weeks and weeks and explaining it over and over to people (mainly my family), but it's only been two days.  I need to remember that as I begin to feel annoyed about people asking me.  It's brand new to them, and to me, and just because I have explained it fifty million times doesn't mean they've heard it!  I'm really really excited about this new opportunity, and I can't wait for it to start!!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Big Doings Y'all

There are some big changes possibly coming y'all.  I don't know if you know this, but I'm a huge chicken.  I tend to back out of things that scare me, especially change-filled things.  So when an opportunity came up for me to step outside my (slightly tight and squeezing) comfort zone, I surprised myself by not only pursuing said opportunity, but pursuing it with calm dignity and excitement.  I didn't freak out, I didn't have a meltdown, I quite simply took advantage of the chances before me and surprised myself by being totally cool about it.  Does this mean that I'm a grown up now?  Or does it mean that I'm not passionate about this opportunity?  I think it's the former and I think I've finally realized my self-worth.  That's a big step for me.  I'll keep you posted on these big changes as they unfold!  Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Year with New Goals

Hi guys!  The whirlwind that was the last two months of 2013 have ended in a blaze of family fun, and here we are, standing a day into 2014.  Isn't that weird?  We're already in 2014.  In May, I'll have graduated from high school ten years ago.  It seems like just yesterday I was there.  And I'll have graduated from college five years ago.  So weird.  But anyways.  As always with a new year, I have new goals. Here they are!

1. Be more social. This doesn't just mean going out and meeting new people (though I do need to do that).  It also means making more of an effort to see more of the friends I currently have.  I'm starting this one off right tonight when I go to the movies with my Friend.

2. Get serious about losing weight. I've been doing Weight Watchers for about a year and while it's worked somewhat, I need to be more consistent and conscious about my choices.  That means eating right and at the proper times, small healthy snacks, lots of water, and daily exercise.  This goal starts next Monday, after the end of the holidays.

3. Write more. I don't mean here (though I do want to write more here) but I want to focus on writing down things that inspire me, touch me, or make me pause.  Both positive and negative.  I carry a notebook around with me anyways.  I might as well use it.

4. Get those creative juices flowing! I'm planning on taking a picture of my feet once a day, documenting different things (think of it as 365 days of feet), but I want to be more creative.  Break out my paints, my canvases, my cookbooks, my pots and pans. Which leads me to my next one:

5. Cook more from cookbooks I have. I have a bookshelf FULL of cookbooks.  I have cooked from ONE of them.  Well maybe three.  But I want to cook from the others!! So that's what I'm going to do!  Cook MORE.

Those are my goals.  I think they're all pretty doable.  I just need to stay focused.  Oh and regards to this bloggy blog?  I'll be trying to post a couple of times a week.  I know I'll do the Blog a Day thing at least twice, but in between times, I'll be more consistent!  Happy New Year y'all!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

From One Fire to the Next

So my CARAZY month that was November is over!  Let me give you a bit of a recap:

Week 1: I had my choir show.  It was awesome.  Probably the best one we've done yet.  And it was so much fun to do!!

Week 2: Wedding Number One!  This one took place in Galveston and it was super awesome.  Everyone had a great time, the bride and groom were ecstatic, and the night was whiled away with dance and drink.  A fantastic weekend!

Week 3: Chill Day/Carrie's Baptism.  Saturday I was able to relax at my house a bit, and do some cleaning so that was good.  Then Sunday we welcomed my baby niece Carrie into the Catholic church!  She was so good!

Week 4: Wedding Number Two!  This one was in San Antonio, and a completely different vibe than the first.  But it was beautiful and despite the awful weather and the not so helpful bridal party, it was a wonderful wedding and the bride and groom were so very happy.

Week 5: Thanksgiving!  We went up to my great-uncle's farm in Oklahoma for the last time.  So the week/weekend was filled with last things. The last time down the lane, the last time up Dirt Hill, the last time playing football on the slope in the dark, the last time playing flashlight tag.  It was a great sentimental time.

Now it's December and if you think I have a chance to slow down, you must be crazy.  There are only four weekends in December and every single one of them is already booked.  I've still got Christmas shopping to complete, and if I don't get my house cleaned up and decorated, I may go bonkers.  Not to mention it's supposed to be ice cold this weekend with a chance of sleet, snow and ice on Friday and Saturday.  That'll make the Christmas parade I'm supposed to be in with choir SUPER fun. If I can even get to Coppell!  I'll try to check in throughout the month, but if I can't, MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!