Monday, January 20, 2014

The Art of "I Told You So"

You know the super fun thing that happens when things happen the way someone has told you it would or when you recognize something others have pointed out to you?  You know what I'm talking about, the "I told you so".  I recently have had a situation where something that apparently EVERYONE knows about me was finally recognized by myself.  And I noticed something.  There are several methods of "I told you so".

- The subtle "I told you so":
         This one is easily disguised as interest or curiosity.  The person is just proud that you figured it out finally that she doesn't care about lording over that she knows you better than you know yourself.  My friend Allyson is the queen of the subtle I told you so.

-The sarcastic "I told you so":
       This is the one I usually go to.  It's the "get out of town" or the "no way Jose" when someone shares their revelation.  It's a little rude, and a little funny.  Which is the way I like to roll.

-The laughing "I told you so":
       This one is one of my favorites.  It's the moment when you're so amazed at your calling of the situation or feelings that you can't help but erupt into crazy laughter.  Sometimes it's a short abrasive laugh, sometimes it's a chuckle and the shake of the head.  But my favorite is the long burst of laughter where you just can't stop laughing because you're so freaking awesome at calling things.

And finally

-The in your face "I told you so":
       This one. Oh this one.  It sometimes is super annoying or super hilarious, depending on the person.  I've seen it in several capacities.  It comes in a dance, it comes in a finger pointing in your face, it comes in the utter lording over of the other person.  And while the others tend to end, this one, well it can last.  It can last and last and last and last.  And when you think it's finally gone, it pops up in random situations.  Usually when you're ignoring the other person's observations or opinions.


  1. The first one is my favorite. My second one is the "denial of the 'Told you so'"

    You know when the other person says, "You can say, I told you so." and you say, "Nah, don't have to."

    1. LOL yeah I don't like that one either cause you can just feeeel their smugness!