Tuesday, December 3, 2013

From One Fire to the Next

So my CARAZY month that was November is over!  Let me give you a bit of a recap:

Week 1: I had my choir show.  It was awesome.  Probably the best one we've done yet.  And it was so much fun to do!!

Week 2: Wedding Number One!  This one took place in Galveston and it was super awesome.  Everyone had a great time, the bride and groom were ecstatic, and the night was whiled away with dance and drink.  A fantastic weekend!

Week 3: Chill Day/Carrie's Baptism.  Saturday I was able to relax at my house a bit, and do some cleaning so that was good.  Then Sunday we welcomed my baby niece Carrie into the Catholic church!  She was so good!

Week 4: Wedding Number Two!  This one was in San Antonio, and a completely different vibe than the first.  But it was beautiful and despite the awful weather and the not so helpful bridal party, it was a wonderful wedding and the bride and groom were so very happy.

Week 5: Thanksgiving!  We went up to my great-uncle's farm in Oklahoma for the last time.  So the week/weekend was filled with last things. The last time down the lane, the last time up Dirt Hill, the last time playing football on the slope in the dark, the last time playing flashlight tag.  It was a great sentimental time.

Now it's December and if you think I have a chance to slow down, you must be crazy.  There are only four weekends in December and every single one of them is already booked.  I've still got Christmas shopping to complete, and if I don't get my house cleaned up and decorated, I may go bonkers.  Not to mention it's supposed to be ice cold this weekend with a chance of sleet, snow and ice on Friday and Saturday.  That'll make the Christmas parade I'm supposed to be in with choir SUPER fun. If I can even get to Coppell!  I'll try to check in throughout the month, but if I can't, MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!