Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Crushes We Don't Like To Talk About

Hi guys.  While I am getting ready to start my new job on Monday (EEEK), I also am doing other things.  Like developing crushes on celebrities that well are slightly not who I probably should be crushing on.  I mean I'm almost thirty.  I should be crushing on older sophisticated gentlemen of the celebrity elk, you know like Benedict Cumberbatch (swoon) and Tom Hiddleston (*insert girlish giggle here*) and of course Josh Groban (future husband right there).  And don't get me wrong. I crush majorly on them. Especially Ben.  I can't see a picture of him without giggling (no really it's a problem.  I can only imagine the embarrassment I would cause myself if I ever met him in real life.) (same with Josh actually).  But there's also another group of crushes I've got going on.  They're the younger ones, the less classy ones, the ones that you don't really like to admit you love because it's a little weird and out of your type, but really you do.  Here I'll give you an example.

Miles Teller

You may be going "wait who?  I've never heard of this guy."  Well, allow me to introduce you.  Readers, Miles. Miles, Readers.  Miles most recently played the douchebag high school kid Shailene Woodley falls for in "The Spectacular Now".  I most recently saw him play the drunk loser type in "21 and Over" with Skylar Austin.  When I started watching it, I was really in it for Skylar (hello Pitch Perfect anyone?).  But Miles won me over from the second I started watching it and by the end of the movie, I was smitten.  I just wanted to give him a huge gigantic hug.  He also stars in the new movie "That Awkward Moment" with Zac Efron (another of my secret crushes) and Michael B. Jordon.  I can't wait to see it, and that makes me just a little ashamed.  Though he's not that much younger.  I mean he's 26 which isn't bad.  But still.  I feel like I should be past the squishy crushes.  Aw who am I kidding?  I love the squishy ones!

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  1. hee hee I could see you liking him! My random one is Alden Ehrenreich. he was in Beautiful Creatures and a few random tv episodes. I just love his smile!