Monday, April 8, 2013

Porch Sittin' Weather

Last spring, I lived in a four-plex in the historical district of Dallas.  My roommate and I shared a split up house with three other people, which meant that each of us got a section of the two big porches, upstairs (for the upstair apartments) or downstairs (for the downstairs, obv).  We lived downstairs, and since we were poor post-college twenty-somethings, we had no porch furniture.  I don't know if we just never got around to it, or if we didn't want to spend the money or what.  BUT the awesome thing about our porch is that it had wide railings and columns.  The railings were wide enough that I could comfortably sit on one and read my book.  I spent many a spring evening/morning out there, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.  Now that I no longer live there, I miss the railings. But now I have a more private porch, and a table and chairs to sit at.  As the weather gets warmer and nicer, I plan on spending many an evening out there, sipping somethin' and enjoying the weather before it gets way too hot.

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