Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So Fresh and So Clean

The theme for April's NaBloMa according to Blogher is FRESH, which is highly appropriate, considering that I've started a fresh new budget this month, which is geared toward getting me out of debt and financially stable, something I have yet to be in my years of adulthood.  But besides that, April is known as being the "Environmental" month.  Earth Day is April 22nd, Arbor Day is April 26th, and April, being in the very HEART of Spring, is known to be a month of renewal as the world becomes alive again after a cold dreary winter.  Even dark gloomy days like today still hold a glimmer of hope that isn't present in the dark gloomy rainy days that occur in earlier months.  Warmth (though never really far away in Texas) is near and bright sunny days of pretty colors and new life are around the corner everywhere you look.  Everything is washed clean, and is ready for the rest of the year. So fresh, and so clean.

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