Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thoughts from a 4-Mile Walk

I went for a very long walk yesterday.  I have an app on my phone that usually tells me how far I've gone and keeps track of my time, but my phone was dying yesterday and I didn't have time to charge it up a whole lot.  So I figured it would be safer and smarter to not waste my battery on an app and save it for an emergency.  I have a playlist of 16 classic rock songs that I usually walk to, and I know from previous walks that about 8 songs takes me a mile or so.  So 16 songs would take me about 2 miles or so.  So because I walked for the entire playlist one way, and then the entire playlist back the other way, I would estimate that I walked approximately 4 miles yesterday.  And that ends my career in math.

Some thoughts and views I had on my walk:

  • It's always inspiring to see old people being fit and awesome.
  • Some bikers are really rude and will just whip past you without any comment
  • Some are really nice and will say "On your left!" as they pass.
  • I saw a dude in the loudest shorts I've ever seen, and had he not been on a bike, I would have stopped and complimented him (as it was, he was past me before I even noticed).
  • A guy actually stopped me and showed me a rattlesnake in the tall grass in the water and warned me to be careful because it's the season for them.  I don't know if I just look like the type to just go gamboling through unfamiliar tall grass willy-nilly or if he was warning everyone he could.
  • There were lots of families out walking or running.  I think that's nice.
  • I saw two sets of kids and dads, one running and one biking and the kids no joke looked like little copies of their fathers.  The running set had on the same set of running shorts and a white t-shirt, and the biking set had on bike shorts and bike shirts, and this little girl couldn't have been more than 8.  But there she was, riding along in her hot pink bike shirt.  Where do you find a shirt that small?
  • There are some GINORMOUS houses on the other side of the lake.  One, no joke, was called Mount Vernon, and had two gates, one for deliveries and one for regular.  It looked like the White House.
  • The lake is gorgeous.  You almost forget you're in Dallas.
  • There was a woman in a long peach dress by the lake who seriously looked like a model.  She had that foreign look to her, and she was so beautiful.  I felt a little weird looking at her, but who couldn't?
  • The way back is a lot shorter than the way there.
  • I hit my stride when I push past the pain.
  • Rowing looks really fun, but HELLA hard. I wonder if there's a beginner adult class.
  • I cannot hear or feel my phone when it's in my pocket.  I missed two phone calls and several texts.
  • Maybe I play my music too loud.
  • My arches start to ache after a bit.  I should probably go to the doctor and find out what kind of shoes are best for my feet.
  • People walk in the craziest outfits sometimes.  I saw a woman walking in flats, a flowing black skirt, a sweater and a scarf.  Crazy.
  • Sometimes I really enjoy my city.

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