Monday, March 25, 2013

All Things Spring

Last week (Wednesday) brought in the first day of Spring.  I like Spring.  I don't crave it or adore it the way I do its counter-season (Autumn), but I do quite enjoy the lengthening of the days, once you get past the time change hangover, the warmer but still cooler temperatures, the life that seems to pop out of everywhere.  While Autumn feels like the independent working woman about town, Spring is more flirty, more dainty, more traditionally feminine.  Everything feels lighter in the Spring, and the food is no less.  Everything is small and delicate.  In Autumn, I want all things pumpkin, in Summer I want melon.  In Winter I want potatoes (I know, not a fruit but still true), and in Spring, I want lemon.  Nothing would quench my cravings like a light lemon pie, sweet with just the right amount of bite.  Or a lemon yogurt cake, speckled with blueberries.  Or a lemon custard, swirled with whipped cream.  Spring just shouts (well, calls daintily) bright and light.  I want to make my Spring like that.  Bright, new and light.  I believe I'll start with something lemon on my four day weekend this weekend.

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  1. Anonymous3/26/2013

    I love mid Spring. Early Spring around here is still cold!