Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Who Premonition

I used to be very simple in my TV choices.  I liked shows that made me laugh, or reminded me of myself.  I was not really a fan of suspenseful shows that gave me chills, the same way I am not a fan of movies that are scary.  If I'm going to watch TV, I'm going to watch something I enjoy.  Well, that changed a great deal, and I can't quite put my finger on when or why, but it did.  While I still very much enjoy shows that make me laugh (The Big Bang Theory? Pure comedy genius) and shows that remind me of myself (the only one that really comes to mind is Gilmore Girls, which I know isn't on the air anymore), I've become a huge fan of shows that challenge my beliefs and my scaredy-cat nature.  Now these shows fall into a couple of different categories: the Could be Real, and the Definitely Not Real.  Of course several shows fall into the Dear God I hope it's not real, but wouldn't it be awesome if it were? category.  But this isn't about those.  This is about the sinking feeling you get when you're watching an episode of a show at the beginning of the season and something happens and all you can think is "Oh shit that is not going to end well."  I call it the Who Premonition, mainly because I first noticed it when I was watching David Tennant as the Doctor on Doctor Who.  I knew that he left after a certain amount of time, because the show is still on, and now Matt Smith is the Doctor, but I didn't know exactly when.  Then I met Donna for the second time, and I thought "Oh no.  This is going to end with my Doctor leaving, and I'm going to be so sad!"  The Who Premonition.  I was struck with this premonition quite strongly last night as I sat watching Season Two of Supernatural (a show that falls firmly in the Not Real but wouldn't it be cool if it were? category).  Dean and Sam had just stolen a couple of SWAT guys uniforms and snuck out of a surrounded bank.  As they sat in the car, and Renegade started playing, all I could think was "Shit dudes.  This is going to end so terribly badly for you." Now I haven't gotten to the end of Season Two, mainly because I do work, and I enjoy going to bed at a decent hour, but I have all of Saturday to watch to the end and possibly some of Season Three as well.  I'll revisit this and let you know if my premonition was correct or not!        

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