Thursday, October 3, 2013

Random Things Happening This Week

I don't really have the time or the energy to come up with a big awesome post.  Yeah, it's Thursday during a busy week.  And I haven't had caffeine in the past three days.  So I give you a list.  It's a random list, full of nonsensical things going on in or affecting my world this week.  Here ya go.  Enjoy.

  • I've woken up at 6:50 or 7 every day this week, even though my alarm starts going off at 6:20.  And I'm still tired.
  • My Nana had a knee replacement on Monday.  She's still in the hospital, and she's doing all right.  Though she hates being there and doesn't care for "all the fuss".  If you could send good thoughts and prayers for her speedy recovery, that'd be cool.
  • I have family coming in this weekend from all over for the Notre Dame game being played at Cowboys Stadium.  Some of which will be staying at my house while I stay at my sister's in Fort Worth.
  • That mean I have to double spot check tonight, make sure everything is completely clean, wash the sheets and remake the bed.
  • I've never had a dress professionally altered before, but today I'm getting two done.
  • Josh Groban started his "In the Round" tour yesterday.  There's a rumor I may get tickets to his final night here in Dallas for my birthday, but it may not happen.
  • The Red Sox start the ALDS tomorrow, and while I'm super pumped, I'm also super nervous.
  • I get to play with lots of little kids this weekend, so that should be fun!
  • Sometimes I just want to not go to work and sleep the rest of the day.  That's normal right?

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