Thursday, October 10, 2013

Our State Fair!

Is a great State Fair!  As you can guess, I went to the Texas State Fair last night.  After I worked out, showered, and weighed in (I gained .8 lbs, whoops), I met my friend Zack at Fair Park for a night of eating fried oblivion!  I didn't end up taking any pictures, just because I was focused on the food, but oh man.  It was so good.  We had

  • Fried Meatloaf (OH MY GOD)
  • Deep Fried King Ranch Casserole (Seriously, it shouldn't be served any other way)
  • Fried Cuban Roll (Totally deserved the 1st prize this year, and I only had one bite)
  • Fried Cake Balls (SO sweet and more cookie doughish than cake ball.)
  • Fried Oreos (he had those, I was enthralled with the cake balls)
  • Fried Spinach Dip (I want to try to make those at home.  They were SO GOOD)
  • Fried Biscuit and Gravy (again, he had that one.  I was SO FULL)
I also went outside of my comfort zone and had a Shiner Blonde.  Guess what?  I didn't like it.  Totally not worth the points, but I drank the whole thing.  Made me feel like I should have been playing beer pong.

So the fair was super fun.  We completely missed the Fried Thanksgiving Dinner, which we both wanted to try, but meh it worked out!  I love the fair, and I can't wait to go again next year!! (Pics from Zack's FB page)

 Top is fried meatloaf and bottom is deep fried king ranch casserole

Photo: Bigger and better!

Big Tex!

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