Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Make You Feel My Music

Today, between working out and having a budget meeting and eating a healthy dinner, I finally watch the tribute episode of Glee to Cory Monteith, or Finn.  It aired on October 10th, but due to circumstances, it wasn't available for me to watch until last week, and well I just couldn't last week.  So I finally did today.  As predicted, I 100% cried through the whole thing.  I'd stop crying and someone would sing a song, or say something, or break down, and I'd start crying all over again.  Especially when Lea Michelle sang "Make You Feel My Love".  I bawled throughout that entire song.  It's a good thing I was at home by myself, otherwise people may have thought I was a crazy person.  That song makes me cry anyways, but to see her sing it just was even worse.

It made me think about songs that have different connotations.  For example, "Sweeney Todd" will forever remind me of college choir days, singing that song creepily during a concert.  And Coldplay's "Yellow" will remind me of my best friend calling me while she watched Coldplay at ACL and holding up the phone so I could hear it.  And Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me Al" will always be mine and my sister's song.  There are songs that make you dance, there are songs that make you vomit, there are songs that bring a smile to your face, or a tear to your eye, or a grimace.  There are songs that you never ever associated with someone until you heard them in a certain context, and suddenly, you can't even listen to them anymore.  "Goodbye My Almost Lover" by Fine Frenzy, for example.  Every time that song even starts, I have to skip it or switch it.  Then there are songs that mean nothing connected to anyone you know, but just give you a warm all over feeling.  Like Josh Groban's "Awake", which happens to be filling my earholes at this moment.  Music touches something inside of us, and makes us feel.  Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's awful, sometimes it's indifferent.  But it's always something.  We just have to let it.

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