Friday, November 30, 2012

Last Day

It is the final day of November, and thus I have the need and obligation to look back at the month and review it, in blog terms.  For the first time, I actually have done a pretty good job of keeping up with the blog day to day, which is not exactly easy for someone like me.  I have the vexatious habit of committing to a thing, be it a project, a goal, or an outing, and then losing interest in it.  It has caused many a problem, and I am working on it!  This venture, I believe, can be counted as a success, seeing as out of 30 day, I only missed five days of posting.  Which means I come away with 25 posts out of 30.  That's an A. I'm so inspired by my (moderate) success that I am going to attempt to continue this streak into December.  Granted this is going to be tougher than originally planned as December is a very hectic month. But here I state most boldly that I am going to do my absolute best to post every day.  If I want to improve my writing skills, I have to write daily, even if it's just a laundry list of occurrences in my day or random babblings.  I have to fight through the lackadaisical and move towards the inspiring.  So keep an eye out.  I'll be writing.  

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