Monday, November 12, 2012

Catch Up Time

I did not do a very good job blogging this weekend.  And really I have no excuse except I didn't feel motivated to write. Or clean, or bake, or plan or anything.  It was an extremely lazy weekend.  I was watching my friend's 5-month old golden retriever puppy, and it was great.  It was so nice to have another presence in my apartment.  And goodness me, he is a precious puppy.  A puppy definitely, but a pretty good pup!  We went for walks and to the dog park, where we met my friends and their dogs.  It was really nice, Brisbane just ran around playing with all the other dogs and my friends and I just sat and chatted.  I felt a little like a mother, keeping an eye out for him at all times, but it was fun.  Then we went to dinner (at a dog friendly place of course) and while the other two dogs kept jumping up and whining and begging, Bris just laid down and relaxed. Sure he sniffed around the other people and looked up every once in a while to make sure I was still there, but he never barked, he never whined, he never begged.  Then yesterday, we spent the day (which was rainy and chilly, perfect day) on the couch, watching TV shows and sleeping.  It made me very much want a dog, and yet I realized several things.  One, I cannot have a dog in my current apartment.  There is not nearly enough grassy areas around it for any size dog to be in, even a small one.  Plus it would have to be a 20 lb dog or under, and I want a big dog.  Well not a huge dog, but not a little dog either.  Two,  I am not as disinterested of little dogs as I originally thought.  Some of them are super cute!  And three, there are people in the world who treat their dogs (seriously) as children and spoil them freaking rotten.  It's a little disturbing.  But man that constant being there, I love it.  I miss having that.

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  1. and now you totally understand why I've been begging for a dog the last six months! Goldens are such sweet loving dogs! I'm glad you and Bris had such a nice time :)