Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Messy, Messy, Messy!

I live in an one bed one bath apartment, which is pretty big for the price I pay and the location it's in.  But even so, it's probably the smallest place I've ever lived, not counting dorm rooms.  So you would think that I, being a fully grown adult, on her own, paying her own way, could keep a 550 feet apartment relatively clean.   This has not proved to be the case.  For those who know me, that comes as no surprise.  But what does come as a surprise is how little I do about it!  Let me describe the state of my apartment to you.  There is a pile of clean clothes next to the patio door, waiting to get hung up in the closet.  There are clean clothes in the laundry basket that I have yet to fold and put away.  There are dirty clothes strewn about the front of my room, some I've worn this week and others pouring out of my suitcase from this past weekend which I have still not unpacked, though I need to pack it again for Friday.  The shoe rack on my closet door is half empty because my shoes are various places throughout the apartment.  The boxes from my Christmas decorations (that I put up TWO SUNDAYS AGO) are still in the living room, waiting to be put back in the closet.  My desk is full of various objects, including a fun size box of Honey Nut Cheerios and a bottle of mousse.  The only thing that is relatively cleaned off is my bed, and that's because I'm sitting on it, and will be going to sleep soon.  What I'm saying here is that I am a mess.  And instead of doing something about it, tonight I made blueberry muffins (which dishes got mostly cleaned, only because the sink was overflowing), and watched the first DVD of the fifth season of Bones.  I also hung a few more ornaments on my tree because it was looking a little bare.  But other than that, nada.  I didn't do the laundry I needed to, I didn't put boxes away, I didn't do squat.  Which means tomorrow I need to do it all.  Wish me luck!!

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