Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dinner with Friends: The Common Table

I had dinner tonight with one of my best friends.  We've known each other since freshman year of high school, and she has been with me through every step of everything, as have I for her. She was in town for some training with her job at their Dallas office, and so we went to dinner downtown to this place I found called The Common Table.  It's a small place, mostly a bar, but clean and homey.  It was pretty crowded for a Tuesday night, but because we got there around 6, we were seated right away.  Their menu is not huge, but everything on it looked and sounded so delicious, we had a hard time choosing!! What we didn't have a hard time choosing was the booze.  We were both struck right away by the novelty of the bar's Skittle Sangria, so we ordered a white pitcher.  It came in a very nice glass pitcher, filled with fresh berries and cherries and a ton of Skittles.  It was delicious and quite entertaining as we tried to fish Skittles out of our glasses (which were cute mismatched glasses from different beer and liquor companies).  We decided to forgo appetizers and just order dinner.  She got the calamari and a side of roasted garlic cheddar mashed potatoes, and I got the grilled cheese, which was actually shaved pork tenderloin with cheddar provolone and parmesan cheeses grilled on fresh sourdough, with a side of the garlic cheddar mash.  Our food was delicious.  I personally could have gone for a little more garlic in my potatoes (if the actual roasted cloves were in there, that would have been amazing), and although my sandwich came with marinara sauce on the side, I was kind of wanting a little more something ON the sandwich.  But unlike most sandwiches without condiments, it wasn't dry at all.  I was a big fan.  Our server, Richard, was very attentive without hovering, even refilling our sangria glasses for us.  They have a big patio out front, but it was too cold to sit out there tonight.  I imagine on a nice day, it would be a great place to hang out.  I totally will be going there again.  And I will totally be getting the sangria :-).

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