Thursday, November 8, 2012

All the World's a Stage, but All I Want is a Room Somewhere

I've always loved the theater.  Plays, both classical and modern, are some of the things that make my heart sing.  But musicals, MUSICALS are my true heart song.  My dream in the past was to be a Broadway star.  Standing on a stage, belting out a song in front of a theater full of people would be amazing.  But even in my wildest dreams, I could never see myself as a star.  But my real dream job would be to have my own little bookshop.  A little place filled with books and comfy places to read them.  Filled with natural light, it would be a fantastic place where people would come in and hang out for a while, just reading, and sharing thoughts.   Maybe we'd have a little place with pastries and coffee (or hot drinks for those of us who don't particularly like coffee).  It would be a place I completely feel at home.  Have you ever seen You've Got Mail?  You know Meg Ryan's little bookshop, Shop Around the Corner?  That's totally what I think about when I picture my perfect little shop.  Beautiful, simple, and lovely where everyone wants to come and buy books from me.  It would be perfect.

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