Monday, June 10, 2013

The Consequences of a Fun Weekend

This weekend was such awesome fun.  It was relaxing and chill while still being awesome and exciting!  It was my first weekend at home (where I slept in my bed every night) in like a month, and it was great.  Saturday, I woke up and walked to Starbucks (about a mile and a half, which made it about three miles both ways), which caused blisters on my heels.  Stupid socks.  Then I came home and cleaned my house, and did laundry and got ready for my sister to spend the night.  Plus I cleaned my bookshelves, getting rid of any book that I would never read again or that I didn't like or that I would never read.  I took all those (plus some donated to me from a friend who was just going to toss them; sacrilege) to Half Price Books and got a nice tidy sum!  Then I went to Fort Worth for Mass and dinner with my mom, sisters, niece, nephews, aunt uncle and cousins.  THEN, oh and THEN! My sister and I ran to my house, got ready, and went to meet my lovely friend for a night at the House of Blues for a little Graceland Ninjaz, an awesome band that does a lot of covers, but the lead singer dresses up like Elvis. Oh it was so fun.  It was the first time my sister and I were out together since she's been legal (the downside of her being in AK for the last two years), and I discovered so much about her! One, we have the same scream/cheer.  No really, we yell at the same pitch.  Corley (my friend) said it felt like surround sound.  Two: she is fearless. She will walk up to anyone and start a conversation with them.  But she's not afraid to tell someone to back off.  Three: we enjoy music the same way, singing, dancing, totally jamming out.  and Four: girl's got MOVES!  We finished the night with late night McDonald's and sleep!  Sunday we woke up, had Sonic for breakfast, watched Doctor Who, and then headed over to my sister's for lunch and playing with the babies.  My BIL and I took the kids to the park after lunch and we played around for a bit in the hot hot sun.  We did put sunscreen on, but I think I missed my neck, because now it's slightly burned.  I also think I pulled a muscle rocking out Saturday night, because my neck is SUPER stiff.  Like it hurts to bend or even turn my head.  So I spend Sunday night at my aunt's, eating pizza and watching the Tonys, which deserve their own post.

In conclusion:
I had a fantastic weekend BUT!

- I got huge blisters on my heels which makes wearing shoes with backs SUPER painful.
- I sunburned my neck.
-I pulled a muscle which makes even holding my head up painful.

Ah, the consequences of fun!  Can't wait to do it again this weekend!!

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