Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Sunday night, I got to watch my most favorite awards show in the history of awards shows.  No really, it is the only show I try to catch every year.  And thanks to Neil Patrick Harris on Twitter, I was able to remember it was on in time to call my aunt to make plans to go over to her house and watch it!  I'm talking about the Tonys.  I love love love love the Tonys.  I love watching performances by the nominated shows, I love watching the people, and I love watching the actors accept their awards, especially when they are SO EXCITED TO WIN!  And of course, I LOVE watching Neil Patrick Harris host.  He's so funny and he's so talented and adorable.  So because I love it, I'm going to include the opening number, the middle number, the end number and my favorite acceptance speech!

Oh Neil, you're amazing.


This made me laugh so hard.  And I did not know that Laura Benanti was a Broadway girl!  She's awesome!!


All I can say is Audra.  Oh Audra.  I adore you.

AND the girl from Pippin won Best Actress in a Musical, and SHE WAS SO EXCITED!!! I love when that happens!

So that's the Tonys, and I CANNOT wait til next year!! I want to go to NYC and see shows.  So so so badly.  Maybe someday soon!!

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