Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Blind as a Bat

I've had glasses since I was five.  Well maybe 7.  Anyways, I was REALLY little when I first got glasses.  And so I've been going to optometrists my whole life almost, and the fact of the matter is: I have really terrible eyesight.  Not kidding.  And as it goes for most of my body, my left eye is significantly worse than my right eye.  As I've gotten older, my eyesight continues to change and make it more difficult to see.  I'm told that when I hit thirty, my eyesight will straighten out for a bit and then start deteriorating again around 45, 50.  I don't think they understand the terribleness of my eyesight currently.  So it's been about two years since I last visited the eye doctor and it has become an issue.  I thought a K was an N, and a 9 was an 8.  Yeah.  That was with my glasses.  So I went to the eye doctor yesterday.  It was my first time going to this place and I have to say they were amazing.  The front desk people were nice and personable, the nurse and helper guy were great, and the doctor was really knowledgeable and very nice.  Because it was my first time there, I of course had to run the gambit of pre-testing.  It's like when you go to a new doctor and they have to do a bunch of tests.  Except these consist of a bunch of machines and using your eyes.  I did the stare straight forward one, the peripheral vision one (which I rocked, btw), the color-blind one (I'm not), the one where they put the glasses on you and you have to tell which circle is popping out, the one where you hold a yard stick to your nose and tell them when the slidy thing is blurry, and then my favorite, the distance one.  You sit in a chair, and they tell you to take off your glasses and hold the popsicle stick (it's like a plastic eye patch with a stick attached to it, called the popsicle stick) over one eye and tell them if you can see the image across the room.  Guess what.  I couldn't with my right eye.  And my left eye was even worse.  When I put my glasses back on, it was the big E.  Yeah that's how blind I am.  So after a few more tests and figuring out my new lens prescription, the doctor looked at me and said, "Well! You are very nearsighted with an astigmatism. Other than that, your eyes are healthy!" and I said "Yep, that sounds like me!"  So now I have a new prescription, and I ordered new glasses yesterday, which should be here next week, when I'll do a post on them.  I love getting my eyes checked.  It's always interesting.

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