Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Slightly Awful

Today,  I do not feel good.  I am not one to willy-nilly claim sickness.  The position I am in at work means that I do my best to push through and not succumb to any sort of sickness.  And in the past four years (knock wood) I've done pretty well, only missing a single day of work due to sickness, and that was only because I was throwing up every five minutes (food poisoning, it's a joy I'll tell you what).  But today is a day I wish I could take off.  I don't have anything that could be considered reason to stay home (e.g. a fever or vomiting), and so here I am.  At work with a sore throat, a cough that could clear lungs of fifty healthy people, a runny nose, lightheadedness, and my personal favorite, the voice of a lifelong smoker.  Dead sexy, I'll tell you what.  I'd go to the doctor, but I know what she would tell me.  It's allergies, and until the weather settles down, there's really nothing to be done.  So here I sit, feeling slightly awful and just wishing I could curl up in bed until the weather adjusts itself.

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