Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Over Summer

It's almost the middle of September.  School has been in session for most school-aged people for almost a month now.  The stores have Halloween stuff on sale.  The really ahead of the game places (*cough* Hobby Lobby *cough*) already have Christmas stuff up.  Starbucks has Pumpkin Spice Lattes back and you can't go into a grocery store or go online without running into something pumpkiny.  It's officially Fall season. Well almost, Fall doesn't officially begin until Sept 22nd.  But judging by the decorations and the food and the start of real TV again, I'd say it's Fall.  You know what's not Fall?  The weather.  When you have continuous days of over 95 degree temperature and the sun continues to beat down, making it unbearable to go outside, how can it feel like Fall?  Fall is a time for jeans and sweaters, boots and scarves.  You're supposed to be able to enjoy being outside rather than be hotter than all get out.  And as a Fall baby, I am putting my foot down.  I demand that the weather cooperate.  Or at least that we in Dallas get the same storms that the other big Texas cities are getting.  I find it unfair that they get a break while we're stuck in the heat.  Plus I have a bunch of really cute sweaters just waiting to be pulled out from the back of my closet.

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