Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Debt to my School

I went to college at a small, private, liberal arts Catholic university in Austin.  What Up ST. ED'S!  Three out of the five years I was there, I worked as a student worker/intern for the Alumni and Parent Programs office.  So I helped out with all alumni events, like Homecoming and Night at the Ballpark and the Alumni Board meetings, and I really enjoyed it!! I loved my bosses, and we had the most kickass group ever.  The point is I really bonded with my bosses by the time I graduated.  So of course, as an alumna, I got voluntold for a lot of things.  Voluntold is when you're asked to do something but there really is no room for a "No".  This has continued, becoming less and less as my former bosses moved on from St. Ed's and yesterday, I had my final "voluntold" scenario.  My last boss, who is amazing and a good friend, is leaving St. Ed's for a better job, and as one of her last things, she suggested me as a volunteer for one of the college fairs in Dallas.  So I bucked up, put on my St. Edward's t-shirt, and went off to DeSoto High School to convince kids to consider St. Ed's as their college of choice.

I learned a lot in the three hours standing behind this table.  One, most people dress up for college fair.  I was rocking jeans and a t-shirt and I was SERIOUSLY underdressed.  Two, knowing the requirements for acceptance is a good plan.  And three, some of these kids were seriously prepared!! I had several kids give me resumes and academic scores, and one kid, when filling out his info card, just stuck a sticker with his name and contact info on it.  I was duly impressed.  Also, the DeSoto culinary arts students made a DELICIOUS dinner.  I may actually VOLUNTEER again next year!

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