Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Small Bands, Big Hearts

For about 5 years, I lived in Austin, which is fondly known as the Live Music Capital of the World.  No really, it's muraled on a wall on 6th St. (and yes I did just use the word "mural" as a verb).  And it's true, there are hundreds of awesome venues for live music in Austin.  Not only that, but they have some pretty kick ass music festivals every year.  I never went to Austin City Limits (or ACL as it's more commonly known), because a. tickets are HELLA expensive, and b. I'm not really a fan of huge smelly crowds all sweating together in the hot sun. But I did get to take part in South by Southwest (or SXSW, or South by) several years in a row, mainly because I worked at a restaurant that was a venue. Because of that, I got to hear lots of awesome bands, some that have made it somewhat, and some that I've heard of once, loved, and haven't heard of since.  For example:

Thriving Ivory

This was my first no-name band I heard of, and I was a fan from the beginning.  Mostly because the bassist came and kept me from being bored out of my skull checking ids at the front door, but then because they're actually really really awesome!  They have a couple of albums out, and according to Facebook, they have a major announcement coming up on May 20th!

Thriving Ivory -Where We Belong

Gin Riots
These guys are a faint memory in my head.  They were pretty cool when I saw them, but they never really stuck with me.  The only reason I remember them is because I got an awesome pin from them.

Gin Riots - Johnny Cash

I Hate Kate
Oh I Hate Kate.  Y'all were so awesome.  These guys actually opened for Thriving Ivory at one of the shows I went to in Austin, and they were awesome.  So awesome, I in fact went out the next day and bought their CD, which I listen to all the time.  I think they've broken up, which makes me really sad because like I said, they were super awesome.

 I Hate Kate - It's Always Better When I'm with You

The Fishermen
These guys are a little different, because I actually know a couple of guys in the band.  It's my friend Lindsay and his brother Phil and their band.  They have a total laid back mellow sound and it was always so much fun to go to their gigs.  They moved back to DC a while ago, and they're playing a lot there, at Nationals games and stuff like that!  I'm really proud of them, and I wish I lived closer so I could see them more often.

The Fishermen Band - Honey

What small bands or not very well known bands do you love?

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