Friday, May 3, 2013

Sleeping Preferences

People are PICKY about their sleeping circumstances.  I should say SOME people are picky.  Others don't care where they sleep because they can sleep anywhere, or they're not going be sleeping much anyways.  But there are those who HAVE to have a certain type of blanket or pillow, who FREAK OUT if the bed is too soft or too hard.  Me, I'm pretty easy going when it comes to sleeping.  I have to have a blanket of some sort, but it doesn't have to be particularly fluffy or whatever, just as long as it covers all of me except my head.  I can usually sleep on hard or soft surfaces, though I'm sure like everyone else, I like a little bit of padding beneath me.  But the one thing I am picky about is pillows.  I HATE soft pillows.  It's like not even having anything under your head!  I don't like flat pillows either.  I like a firm fluffy pillow, which is nothing something that is easy to find.  So I create my own.  I take two firm, flat pillows and I stuff them into the same pillowcase, thus creating the perfect mix of firm and fluffy.  This is why I take my own pillow everywhere I might be sleeping.  I don't want to have to makeshift a pillow out of way too soft pillows, which leaves you with a tower of pillows and a neck ache.


  1. This is an odd post. Just fyi. Mine was better. :)

  2. YOU'RE an odd post. And it was in response to a prompt.