Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Note to Self

Soooo note to self, I suck at blogging in the face of abnormal activities, such as root canals.  That's right.  I can only blame my lack of blogging on poor dental health on my part, and the fact that I'm such a baby afterwards.  I had a root canal last Thursday, and while it went perfectly fine, no issues at all, and I was in and out within half an hour, it hurt like the motherfing dickens.  Not the day of, because I was CRAZY numb, but the next day, the whole side of my mouth hurt.  And my actual tooth hurt as well.  As the days went on, my tooth hurt less and less unless I accidently bit down on it, then it put up a major amount of pain. But it slowly stopped hurting.  What didn't stop hurting was my jaw and my cheek where they shoved a gigantic needle to numb my mouth.  It was a constantly painful ache.  Not the kind of ache where you're like oh that sort of hurts.  No, this was the kind of ache where you constantly check it to see if you can SEE what's causing the pain so you can eradicate it.  Throbbing, beating annoying pain, not made any better by a two year old and a five year old who don't really understand the whole invisible pain thing.  I went to my aunt and uncle's house this weekend, and my cousins did not really care that I was hurting, as shown in the pool.  My five year old cousin would grab my face to get my attention, which is fine, except he's really strong and would put pressure right on my jawline.  I had to tell him several times to watch my face before he got it.  My two year old cousin, bless his heart, accidently hit me in the face with a water shooter, which was basically a pipe you shot water out of.  I seriously almost dropped him from the rush of tremendous pain.  Luckily I didn't, since we were in the pool and he can't swim but refuses to wear floaties.  So that was my weekend .  Fun, but painful.  Then this morning I woke up, nine hours after my dose of pain medicine, and there is only a faint twinge of pain in my jaw.  My tooth feels a little sore, but only when I touch it, and my jaw only hurts when I open my mouth really wide (yawning especially).  On the mend!  Only to have them go in again tomorrow and replace the temporary stuff with the real stuff.  Hopefully they won't have to numb me again......

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  1. Anonymous5/29/2013

    Bummer dudette! Hoping your mouth feels all better soon. Last time I had a filling it took like 5 stabs of the whatever they use because they couldn't find the nerve. I don't like the dentist.

    I'm glad you had fun though!