Tuesday, May 7, 2013


So the dentist gave me antibiotics and painkillers for my tooth.  The antibiotics makes me nauseous and vomit, and the painkillers wipe me out so bad that I took one at 11 last night and I'm still exhausted 9 hours later.  And that was after going to bed at 8:45.  It's a little ridiculous how not good medicine makes me feel, mainly because I've never had any trouble with medication in the past.  Granted I haven't been on medication since my senior year of college (for a sinus infection), but that was only three or four years ago.  I just want my mouth to not hurt anymore and I want my body not to react poorly to antibiotics.  Seriously.  I've got shit to do this week/weekend.  I don't have time to be feeling crappy.


  1. Anonymous5/07/2013

    Try some yogurt or carbs before taking the meds (unless they specifically say to avoid dairy) I can basically take two antibiotics thanks to allergies and one makes me throw up and the other makes me really stupid and feel like crap. Don't get me started on pain meds. I can't take any of them and it makes me really sad.

    Do you tolerate Advil? I'm totally not a doctor, but when pain gets really bad I've been told I can take 4 Advil every 3 hours for short amounts of time.

    1. Yeah my dentist told me not to take the painkillers unless I was at home and not going anywhere, but to take Advil and Tylenol when needing to be out and about. And he prescribed me something new for the antibiotics. Sooo not a fan.