Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wedding Plans

Now before we all freak out because "What do you MEAN WEDDING PLANS?! YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED?!"  No, I am not getting married, at the moment or any time in the near future.  My future husband is releasing a new record in a month, so he's a little busy.  Plus he has no idea who I am, but hey I'm optimistic :-).

ANYWAYS!  I'm not getting married, but two of my best friends have accepted a marriage proposal from their significant others, and so they're getting married, and have both asked me to be in the wedding.  Well it was less of an ask, and more of an assumption.  I mean I've known one of these girls for twenty years (WHAT?!) and we've always said we would be in each other's weddings, and the other I've known for twelve years, and that's a pretty long time as well!!  So yeah, I've been asked to be in two weddings this year, and I've accepted both.

When I accepted the first, it was a total no brainer.  I'd be there with bells on my fingers and rings on my toes.  When I accepted the second, it of course was a no brainer as well, but it was more thought about because OMG what if they overlap?  That would totally and completely SUCK.  However, there are two potential dates for one, and a pretty sure date for the other and while they're close, they don't overlap.

My beautiful amazing friend Ally is getting married November 23.  When I first heard that, I had a slight freak out  which I think I hid pretty well from her.  In my head, that was the weekend after Thanksgiving.  My family goes to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving, and I had no idea how I was going to get from Oklahoma to San Antonio in a reasonable amount of time without flying and not having a car there.  But then I checked.  Thanksgiving is the NEXT week, which means my freak out was for nothing.  Yay for nothing freakouts!

My amazingly wonderful friend Amber has two potential dates working for her, and from what I can tell, they'd both be fine with me.  Though one is Nov. 8th, and that would put both weddings in November.  Though that might work out better!  Who knows!

All I know is I am very excited and honored to be a part of these two wonderful women's special days.  Now it's time to start saving for them!!!  

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