Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mind Your Feet

I woke up this morning, took a shower, got dressed, made lunch, and walked out my front door to my car, same as always.  I drove to work, singing along to Christmas songs and (lightly) cursing at drivers who insist on going 20 when the speed limit clearly states 35, same as always.  I pulled into the parking garage, and my spot was open on the second level, same as always.  I parked my car, stopped my iPod, grabbed my lunch and purse and headed for the stairs, same as always.  Halfway down the stairs, it suddenly wasn't the same as always.  My foot got caught on my jeans, and I was falling down a flight of stairs.  I could see myself, lying on the cold hard concrete, bleeding with some sort of broken bone and having the worst Christmas ever.  Then, with the grace and poise that comes with tripping over things A LOT, I miraculously caught myself, untangling my shoe in midair.  I hurried down the rest of the stairs and across the street through the arctic wind and into the office.  Another win for the balance-challenged.

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