Friday, January 11, 2013


There are a lot of people I know who read a book once or watch a movie once or a TV series once and they're done with it.  They don't need to read it or watch it again because they've already seen it or read it, and they know what happens.  I am not at all one of those people.  I think there are two sides to this coin, as there are to every situation.  The one side is that by only doing something once opens you up to new things, and you don't get bogged down doing the same thing over and over and over again (which if you expect the same thing each time is the definition of insanity).  Reading or watching the same things can be a way of becoming stuck in a constant, never-moving area.  You don't get to try new things because you're drawn by the compulsion to do the same things you've already done, and if you're not careful, you get stuck there for a very long time.  Thus you become boring and blah.

The other side is that by repeating books or movies or TV shows, not only do you get to continue your relationship with said story (because let's face it, it is a relationship of sorts, albeit a one-sided one), you also learn new things every time you read or watch.  For example, I am currently reading two books which I have read before.  One is a classic, a fantastic book that I've read a million and twelve times and every time I read it, I find something that strikes me anew (review coming soon Linds!).  The other is a continuation of a series I've read before, but I have only read this book once.  I'm rereading it because I got the final books in the series for Christmas and I found myself forgetting who characters were and what the deal was.  So I'm rereading and on this second read I am able to look past the basic story into the deeper connections between the characters and the events happening in the story.  There are people who can do that their first read through, but I am not one of them.  I first read for the story, then I reread for the details.

It's the same thing with movies and TV shows.  Of course some movies I rewatch because of the story or the dialogue or whatever, but there are some I just feel compelled to watch because I missed something the first time.  Or I caught it but I didn't realize its significance.  Which brings me to my dilemma for this weekend.  For the first time in a while I have absolutely nothing to do.  I have a little laundry to be done and my dishes need washed, but other than those rather small chores, my weekend lies wide open.  Here is my problem.  I want to have a marathon of sorts, where I hunker down on the couch and watch a series only to emerge for food sleep and church.  But what should I watch?  I am in full nerd mode at the moment, so I'm fluctuating between rewatching Season 1 and Season 2 of Sherlock, rewatching the entire 6 seasons of Doctor Who,  or jumping into a completely new series, such as Firefly, which wouldn't take me long, since there's only one season, or Supernatural.  Or should I watching something completely different, like Gilmore Girls or Friends?  I have a feeling it will end up being me drawing names from a hat or playing eenie meenie minie mo.  But I'll let you know how it turns out :-). 

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  1. I hope that weekend turned out wonderful as it seemed to be a mix of both worlds!